How to increase baby weight(1-3 years old)


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Is your baby underweight? Are you looking for baby gain weight fast? Here are some superfoods that help baby gain weight faster. Let’s have a look

Including a healthy diet should start from childhood. The parent must check whether your baby meets the required growth rate according to their age and gender. The weight chart for kids will help you know about growth rate.

Before introducing a new food, follow three days rule to know whether that food is allergic or not.  

Now i will explain the details of food that help baby weight gain faster.

How to make baby gain weight fast?


 Ragi or finger millet is one of the superfoods that is one of the  weight gain foods for kids. It enriches calcium, protein and iron. The presence of iron in ragi prevents babies from anaemic. The fibre contents in ragi aid in easier digestion in babies. The calcium presence in ragi helps develop bones and increases blood production in children. Ragi promotes healthy hair and skin in babies.

     You can serve ragi to the babies as ragi porridge, ragi drink, ragi dosa, ragi cake, ragi cookies etc.  



Banana-food for 2 year old baby to gain weight

Banana, the healthiest fruit, is packed with many vitamin and minerals, one of the best food for babies. Banana contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins A, B6, B12, fibre, and folate, which increase weight in babies. The fibre present in banana helps in curing constipation in babies. Bananas contain best vitamins for babies to weight gain.  Presence of calcium and magnesium in banana help in the development of bones. Folate presence in bananas helps in improving the brain and increases memory. It is an immunity-boosting fruit.


You can feed banana as smoothies, pancakes, porridge etc. banana is travelling food for babies.



Potato- food for 2 year old baby to gain weight
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 Potatoes help in boosting baby weight. Potatoes contain magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 that allow the nervous system’s functioning, supports the maintenance of bones, teeth, and gums. Resistant starch present in potatoes can increase healthy gut bacteria growth, maintaining the digestive system.


You can give potatoes to the babies as potato puree, baked potato fingers, potato soup etc.


               4.Sweet potato

Sweet potato- food for 2 year old baby to gain weight
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Sweet potato provides vitamins to the babies when included in their diet. Vitamin c and vitamin E helps in increasing immunity in babies. Beta carotene supports boosting the health of babies eyes. The high-calorie levels in sweet potatoes help in weight gain.


You can serve sweet potato to the babies as sweet potato puree, sweet potato soup, sweet potato and milk rice etc.



Egg- food for 3 years for weight gain
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Eggs contain the highest protein source, healthy fats, iron, vitamins, and minerals that help in overall growth and development and it is one of the foods to help toddler gain weight. Choline present in egg yolk helps in brain development. Egg white is good for the healthy hair growth of the baby.

 You can prepare different recipe easily with eggs that attract babies, like egg boiled, egg scramble, egg omelette, egg pancakes etc.



Ghee is a powerhouse of essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-9, which aids in weight gain and boost metabolism in babies. Ghee is one of the fatty foods for babies to gain weight. Nutritional contents in ghee help in improving immunity and bones strength in babies. Homemade ghee gives more health benefits to your baby.


Adding ghee to rice, kheers, soups and puree, frying nuts, and banana will be a mouth-watering recipe for babies.



Milk- food for 2 year old baby to gain weight
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Milk enriched with protein, calcium, zinc, potassium and vitamin A, which helps in the growth and development of the baby. Introduce cow’s milk to the baby after 1 year old. Ideally, only 1 cup of milk or yoghurt you should give to the baby.
You can serve milk to the baby as plain milk, adding mixed dry fruit powders, smoothies with milk.


Chicken- food for 2 year old baby to gain weight
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Chicken contains protein, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B6.The protein present in chicken helps in the growth and development of muscles in babies. The high amino acid content in chicken boosts the serotonin level of the brain, which helps lift your mood and provide a night of restful sleep. Phosphorus presence in chicken supports healthy bones, teeth, as well as the functioning of the nervous system, kidney and liver.

You can feed delicious dishes with chicken such as chicken kebabs, chicken curries, salads etc



-give sufficient fluids to the baby

-Include 5 meals in a day.

– Engage baby with playtime and physical activities.

-Avoid giving unhealthy foods and drinks that increase weight.


Is there no weight gain after taking sufficient food and water? If yes, don’t worry; it depends upon your baby. More active and high metabolic baby attain less weight. Parental gene will also affect gaining weight in babies.

Best foods for gaining weight for 2 years old baby

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Best weight gaining food for babies of 2 years old



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